The objects that are part of everyday life are beautiful. Each object has distinct physical qualities that can only be seen by looking intently. Read Between the Lines is an exhibition series of picture riddles that invites viewers to experience everyday beauty by encouraging them to look for the objects that are hidden within. By solving each picture riddle, viewers have an opportunity to intently analyze each object and to discover the relationships between them that may have not been noticed before. 
For the making of the picture riddles, objects were collected and assembled through the process of knolling, which means to organize objects in parallel or 90-degree angles. Each knoll corresponds with accompanying riddles that give clues on what to look for and an answer key, which can be accessed by scanning the QR codes. Read Between the Lines is a way to channel the inner child, to create awe, and inspire discovery in viewers.
*Scan the QR codes below to view answer key!
photos of the exhibition
December 2021 | York College of Pennsylvania 

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